Wafelijzer is web software you can use to make a beautiful and easy-to-run website for your record label or collective.

You can get it up and running in 5 minutes or less, and add artists, albums, news, videos, or even sell merch using the simple online interface.

Wafelijzer looks fantastic out-of-the-box, but it’s also totally customizable. Use Liége to quickly and easily generate your own Wafelijzer theme.


Wafelijzer’s development is guided by 3 principles:

  1. Keep it easy: You don’t need any technical, web development, or coding experience to use Wafelijzer. A label shouldn’t need a ‘Web Dude:’ artists can add easily add their own content.

  2. Make it free: Wafelijzer is designed to run on a free Heroku server.

  3. Stay lazy: You already use services like BandCamp, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. Wafelijzer automatically pulls your content from these services so you don’t have to type the same shit over and over.

One-Click Install

To install Wafelijzer on a free Heroku server, click the button below. You’ll be prompted to create a Heroku account, and then you’ll be up and running in seconds.



There’s a demo running at http://wafelijzer-demo.herokuapp.com/

You can log into the admin page with the username admin@example.com and the password password.

Wafelijzer also powers belgianman.com


If you have any issues with Wafelijzer, either send me an email or create an issue on github.