Updating a Wafelijzer app only takes a couple minutes.

If you haven’t yet done so, first install the Heroku toolbelt.

You’ll need to use the Terminal, but I promise it isn’t all that scary. I’ll take you right through it. On a Mac, you’ll find the Terminal within the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder.


If you haven’t yet, type heroku login, press enter, and type your Heroku username and password when they ask. You’ll only ever have to do that once.

That was the hard part.

Now paste the following lines directly into the terminal, one-by-one. Press enter after each, wait for stuff to stop happening, and then paste the next one.

Where it says APPNAME, in the third and last lines, substitute your Heroku app name: whatever comes before .herokuapp.com.

mkdir ~/Desktop/wafelijzer && cd ~/Desktop/wafelijzer
git init
git remote add heroku git@heroku.com:APPNAME.git
git remote add github https://github.com/belgianman/wafelijzer.git
git pull github master
git push heroku master -f
heroku run rake sq:migrate:up --app APPNAME

You’re done!

Visit APPNAME.herokuapp.com/flush to clear your app’s cache and then you’re good to go!